Cost Effective ASP Approach - With low start up costs, you can essentially lease the eTrak-plus complete parks and recreation management software solution through annual payments while maintaining ownership of the data.

Flexibility - All apps/services are included in our price – No Modules/No Transaction Fees

Included in our pricing model:

  • Facility Reservation
  • Activity Registration
  • Membership Management
  • League Scheduling
  • POS/Cash Register
  • Court Reservation Application
  • Equipment & site rental application
  • Trip Reservation Application
  • Locker Rental Application
  • Personal Trainer Application
  • Membership/Pass Access Application
  • Detailed and customizable financial reports
  • Customer interface and payment processing (pointed to your credit card vendor and gateway)
  • Customize users by access rights and responsibility
  • Unlimited users/licenses
  • Ongoing quarterly training
  • Unlimited phone support